Melissa McBride Reveals Negan’s Big Scene in The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

The wait for the most anticipated AMC’s series, The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere, seems too long but this wait can be enjoyed if the fans get spoilers time to time. After the frustrating cliffhanger of Season 6, here Melissa McBride wants annoyed fans to know the cliffhanger at Season 6 finale is worth what they will see when the series release on October.

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Here Melissa McBride talks about The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

No doubt, the Season 6 finale of ‘The Walking Dead’ was truly unexpected and it left all of us with big cliffhanger and has led the fans on edge on what is in store for The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere. But here’s come some good news that we got from one of the popular Walking Dead actors- Carol (Melissa McBride) in an interview. She has given the assurance that the upcoming season will certainly be worth to wait.

If it so, the fans must throw away all tensions now. It’s time to cheer. Wait! Keep on reading, there’s a lot to know about The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere that Carol has recently revealed.

Melissa talks about the premiere that it’s going to ‘Rock the Walls.’

Oh, I’ve heard it- But, you know, it’s entertaining. It’s compelling and some people like cliffhangers, some people hate them, and that’s just part of the experience. But I hope those people that feel jilted will tune in because the premiere is just going to be… oh God, it’s going to rock the walls. The wait is worth it. Whether you’re angry with it or whether you liked the cliffhanger or whether you’re pissed off about it, the wait is worth it.”

According to the reports, Rick won’t be the same as he used to be. He’ll now realize that his group need other people to survive in the new world, and may be his next step will be to work with Negan to ensure the safety of Alexandrians.

Talking about Negan, he’s a wild card and is mysterious in his own way. According to the comic series, Negan and Rick will have a strange sort of respect for each other and will learn how to coexist.

Well it’s hard to predict whether the storyline will be similar to that in comics. The show can take Negan’s role in any direction. Better is to wait the Walking Dead Season 7 premiere that will air on October 23.

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