The Walking Dead Season 7 Character Portraits Released

The answer of most awaited question ‘who did Negan kill?’ will finally be revealed in just four weeks.

Excited? You must be! After all it’s your most favorite series and you have waited more than 6 months to know the conclusion to The Walking Dead Season 6 finale cliffhanger that teased the murder of one of your actors.

A single month is left for The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere and happily, the network has released individual character posters to promote the new season of TWD.

Here we go….

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Character Portraits

norman-reedus-in-the-walking-dead-season-7 daryl-in-the-walking-dead-season-7


lauren-cohan-in-the-walking-dead-season-7 maggie-in-the-walking-dead-season-7

carol-in-the-walking-dead-season-7 melissa-mcbride-in-the-walking-dead-season-7


michonne-in-the-walking-dead-season-7 danai-gurira-in-the-walking-dead-season-7

gabriel-2-in-the-walking-dead-season-7 gabriel-in-the-walking-dead-season-7



eugene-in-the-walking-dead-season-7 eugene-2-in-the-walking-dead-season-7

abraham-in-the-walking-dead-season-7 abraham-2-in-the-walking-dead-season-7



*All Images are owned by AMC’s official site.

The Walking Dead Season 7 returns Oct. 23 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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