The Walking Dead Season 7 “Negan’s Way” Official Trailer

It seems nothing has been settled down after the sad cliffhanger of Season 6 finale. It would be same until The Walking Dead Season premiere. But what for now to make fans little obvious about the things going to take place in next season.

We have already seen released trailers of The Walking Dead and it appers like Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his trusty bat Lucille will be in control of the chaos.

This recently released trailer by AMC is hinting that it’s “Negan’s Way” or the highway.

Negan during his recent interview asked about his character in the upcoming season and here’s what he says:

If I just make this guy manic and kind of one dimensional then I don’t have anywhere to go. So I thought, for me, and especially after doing that first episode, the introduction, and some head bashing, there had to be a place I could go. I try to make every scene a little bit of a rollercoaster so you don’t know. So it’ll keep you on your toes of where Negan is, and I only have so much I can go on working on the comic book.

After the unexpected ending of Season 6, fans have been desperately awaiting to know who Negan killed. But the show, The Walking Dead is incredibly intelligent to keep the secrets from its fans. It remains mystery until The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 1 Online airs on October 23, 2016.

The Walking Dead Season 7: Negan’s Way

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