The Walking Dead Season 7: Who did Negan Kill?

The Walking Dead Season is approaching with its seventh season. We are only few weeks away but hopefully there are many spoilers and hints about The Walking Dead Season 7 that are starting to spread out.

We all know that none of The Walking Dead seasons finales left viewers on as much as of a knife edge as the Season 6 finale of TWD. Fans are so desperate and eager to know what The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1 will bring there.

So who did Negan Kill? Keep reading! Spoilers are below!

The Walking Dead Season 7 Biggest Question- Who Did Negan Kill?

In Season six we have seen several encounters with Negan’s group, known as the Saviours, but Negan made his appearance in the finale episode, accompanied by Lucille – a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

The Walking Dead Season 6 finale ends with Negan beating someone to death with Lucille, but the question that started making everyone think like hell, who was it? Who was that unlucky victim? Who the fan favorite actor will leave the show this year?

Though it is still a mystery but there are certain speculations that might give you an idea of that Alexandrian who Negan killed.

If you are unaware of this then listen, there have been spoilers over the past few days that Negan killed not just a single person but there were multiple deaths. And the actors who people are targeting more are Maggie and Glenn. Even according to the comic books it is Glenn who dies at the end of baseball bat Lucille.

Meanwhile, Producer Greg Nicotero has added more clarification to these speculations this week, when he appeared to disclose there was multiple deaths and that you can get from his below statement where he has used “deaths” in one of his statements.

“If we would have shown the deaths, then they wouldn’t have felt our characters in season seven the way they need to. And the thing that I think a lot of people will get out of it is how that moment changes the entire makeup of our universe.”

This shows that Rick’s group will not be returning back to their residence with all its group members.

As Maggie is pregnant and suffering from several complications, Glenn was surely putting his all efforts to save his lady and the child and would have been prime target of Nagan.

So who do you think will join The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere which will air on October 23, 2016? Stay tuned for more spoilers.


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